Did a Good Night Turn Bad?

Did a Good Night Turn Bad?

Hire a DUI defense lawyer in Angola, IN

For 20 years, E. Foy McNaughton of McNaughton Law Group has provided strong criminal defense in Angola, Indiana. E. Foy McNaughton knows that one night of poor judgement— or a wrongful accusation— can have far-reaching impacts on your life both personally and professionally. Don’t risk your future— reach out to E. Foy McNaughton!

Face the judge with confidence!

Did one evening of drinking result in a night behind bars? If so, call McNaughton Law Group for an experienced OWI and DUI attorney in Angola, Indiana. E. Foy McNaughton has devoted years to helping clients avoid the severe penalties that come with a criminal conviction, including:

Your crime showing up on future background checks
Loss of your employment and reputation
Heavy fines or jail time

Reach out to McNaughton Law Group at (855) 624-2292 to schedule a consultation with a OWI/ DUI lawyer in Angola, Indiana.