Have You Been Arrested?

Have You Been Arrested?

Hire a criminal defense lawyer in Angola, IN

E. Foy McNaughton of McNaughton Law Group brings 20 years of legal expertise to his law practice in Angola, Indiana. E. Foy McNaughton understands how overwhelming it can feel when you’re facing down a major legal hurdle, and he’s dedicated his career to helping people like you achieve the best possible outcome.

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Don’t go into court alone!

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you need an experienced, savvy lawyer by your side when you’re standing before the judge.

E. Foy McNaughton is exactly that type of criminal defense lawyer in Angola, Indiana. From minor violations to major crimes, he can help you uncover the answers that you need, including:

What’s the specific legal process for your charge?
Can your charges be reduced?
Are you facing any jail time?

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