Have You Explored All Your Options?

Have You Explored All Your Options?

Consult a bankruptcy lawyer in Angola, IN

For two decades, E. Foy McNaughton of McNaughton Law Group has offered his legal and financial expertise to clients like you in the Angola, Indiana area. If you’re being sued by your creditors, E. Foy McNaughton can help you to obtain the protection you need by filing for bankruptcy.

Understand the bankruptcy legal process

The McNaughton Law Group is an experienced firm in both personal and business bankruptcy law in Angola, Indiana. When you meet for your initial consultation, E. Foy McNaughton will help you go over your financial situation to determine whether bankruptcy is the right move for you or your business.

If so, he’ll help you with the entire process, including:

Determining the type of bankruptcy
Getting documents and files ready
Going to meetings with creditors
Filing of all paperwork with the state
Explaining the process to you every step of the way

Contact McNaughton Law Group at (855) 624-2292 to file for bankruptcy in Angola, Indiana.

Providing value for your money

We understand that you are going through a difficult financial time and endeavor to provide you with the MOST legal representation possible for your investment. The bankruptcy contract does not include time or expenses associated with non-legal document organization and/or information requests. Thus, it is imperative for you to read the instructions and follow the instructions carefully to keep your case on budget and allow my office to provide you the most value.

Credit Reports, Judgment Searches, Background Checks.

Our office will obtain a credit report, judgment search and background check for you at no charge. This adds value to you by avoiding wasting your time searching for countless creditor invoices and worrying about missing information. The majority of law firms require you to compile all creditor information. We only require you to verify that all the creditors are listed, and if not, to supplement our information.

Pending Lawsuits / Garnishments

Our office includes representing you in State Court to notify the State Court of your bankruptcy filing and discharge. This service more effectively stops garnishments, pending court hearings, and clarifies for credit reporting agencies that the lawsuit was discharged in your bankruptcy. The majority of law firms require you to represent yourself in State Court on these matters.

Student Loan Discharge Analysis

Our office includes representing you an analysis of whether or not we feel a portion or all of your student loans may be discharged in the bankruptcy. We will then make a recommendation to you regarding student loans. The majority of law firms require you do not consider student loan issues.

Post-Bankruptcy Credit Review

Our office will obtain credit reports and will review judgments after your bankruptcy is complete, to assist in ensuring your credit reports and financial information are reported correctly. Our office will make recommendations to you in the event there are errors in your credit reports.